Silicone for Mold making

Room temperature vulcanized (RTV) two-component silicone rubber.
It is suitable as a mold for making models of urethane resin, epoxy resin, polyester resin, wax, gypsum, low temperature alloy, etc.,
and faithfully makes the shape of the prototype.
It can be easily molded and can be used for making replicas that make the most of your hobbies.

ApplicationWax, original pattern molding
FeaturesEach product has the following characteristics.

・ Excellent fluidity and good defoaming property
・ The mixing ratio of the main agent and the curing agent is "1: 1" to improve work efficiency.
・ Fast curing in a short time to improve productivity
・ High tear strength and high resistance to resin components
・ Excellent reproducibility, dimensional stability, and low shrinkage
・ Resistance to high temperature and deterioration

Product lineup
・ZA 13 Mould WT45
・ZA 22 Mould
・HT 24 Transparent
・ZA 28 Mould
・ZA RTV 30-60, ZA RTV 20-45 YELLOW, ZA RTV 30-45 GREEN, ZA RTV 40-45 BLUE
・ZA 35 Mould, ZA 35 Mould Fast
・MARK Plus
・ZA TT 1240, ZA TT 2240, ZA TT 3040
・ZAX 60
ManufacturerZhermack S.p.A.
ColorOrange, Transparent, Blue, Green, Light green, White, Yellow