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Compared to general silicone adhesives and epoxy resins, it is possible to improve productivity because it is low cost and the curing time until the initial strength rises is short. It is also compatible with the latest RoHS2, so you can use it with confidence. We have a lineup of unique product numbers such as low-temperature types for Styrofoam and flame-retardant types that have acquired UL94V-0.

Hot Melt Spray Introduction
ApplicationWe have a rich lineup of hot melt glue guns such as spray type and tank type, which can be selected according to the discharge amount. We also handle a large number of hot melt applicators for production lines.
FeaturesA low-temperature hot melt that is used by major full mold makers.
Normal hot melts are used at about 180-200 ° C, but at operating temperatures of about 130-150 ° C, heat-sensitive materials such as Styrofoam and some resins can be adhered without melting.
We also have a demo machine, so please feel free to contact us. "
MaterialEVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), polyolefin, synthetic rubber, polyamide, polyester as main components
Physical propertiesSince the characteristics differ depending on the base polymer, we propose an adhesion that meets the specifications.
ShapeStick-shaped, pellet-shaped, pillow-shaped, etc.

Specific application examples of hot melt

Packaging / packagingCorrugated cardboard boxing and box making, plastic cardboard box making, non-slip. Repair / inspection of automatic packaging line Resealing. Export packaging and corrugated cardboard pallet manufacturing. Fixing foam / cushioning material. Confectionery box / cosmetic box sealing. Manufactures paper containers, folding boxes, and wooden wappers. Adhesion of paper bags, shopping bags, pouches, aluminum bags, etc. Fixing food / cosmetic samples and creating sample books. Fixing and pasting of oxygen scavengers, desiccants, sauces, straws, campaign goods, etc. POP (signboard) display manufacturing
Manufacturing and assembly applicationsAdhesion of felt soundproofing and sound absorbing materials for automobile interiors. Adhesion of interior parts such as door clips, emblems, mirrors, sheet repair, lamp sealing, and adhesion of foam inside aluminum cases, suitcases, and musical instrument cases. Foam adhesive with concrete precast. Shipbuilding, water tank, wooden mold making by FRP resin molding, foam adhesion. Sand mold bonding in casting. Adhesion of foam molds for mold casting. Filter manufacturing applications (oil filters, water purifiers, air conditioning) Plastic containers (cap liners, thermos bottles), helmets, signboard manufacturing applications (SUS, aluminum, LED wiring fixed)
For furniture and woodworkingFor manufacturing furniture, chairs, chests of drawers, tables, cabinets, chests of drawers, mirror stands, Buddhist altars, etc. Manufacture of wooden musical instruments such as pianos. Adhesion of the V-shaped cut part of the wooden cabinet of the speaker. Edge binding (edge ​​binding) Fixing handle parts and reinforcing square timbers. For repairing cracks and knot holes in wood. System kitchen manufacturing, sink, artificial marble bonding, pachinko machine ⇒ PUR reaction type
Architectural / interior useAdhesion of foam insulation materials. Adhesion of heat insulating material to plywood, MDF, steel plate, and plastic. Manufacture of panels and building materials for interiors. Adhesion of V-shaped cut part of MDF. Repair of cracks and cracks. Waterproof sealing. Adhesion of tiles, glass, carpets and magic (magnet) sheets. Adhesion of tatami mat and core material (foam board). Tatami table fray prevention. Adhesion of foam, sponge, and sheet for sofas and beds. Exhibition / stage decoration. For temporary fixing and fixing at construction sites. Temporary fixing until the main adhesive such as urethane / epoxy / rubber solvent adhesive solidifies. Combined construction method.
Electrical / electronics relatedFixing, anti-vibration reinforcement, insulation, and encapsulation of electronic components on electrical boards (PC boards). Reinforcement of soldering parts. Filling, insulation, and sealing of coils, connectors, and harness parts.
Bundling, fixing and loosening of wires and cables. Manufacture of electric carpets. LED fixing. Heat resistant type, UL94V-0 flame retardant type, RoHS compliant product available. "


Depending on the shape of the hot melt material, compatibility with coating equipment is also important.
We combine both coating equipment (hard) and adhesive (soft) and strive to make the best proposals that will satisfy our customers.