Developed to optimize ceramic shell slurries, Primcote binder is the investment casting industry’s leading colloidal silica based primary binder. Primcote binder was formulated to eliminate buckling, lifting and cracking of primary shell coats.

ApplicationCeramic Shell building
FeaturesPrimcote binder allows faster drying of primary coats with lower humidity and/or increased air circulation. Shell coats using Primcote binder can not be over dried as shell coats using standard colloidal silica can. Primcote binder contains a wetting agent, an antifoam agent and a color indicator to monitor shell dryness, as well as several other proprietary ingredients. Primcote binder is compatible with conventional refractory materials and shell room equipment.
ManufacturerRansom & Randolph

Physical Properties

Base materialColloidal silica
Total solids (including SiO2)30%/weight
Particle size10 nm
pH @25℃10.6