As The Industry Standard

We offer the best and most proven lineup of Freeman waxes and R&R Investments in the jewelery industry to suit your needs. Please leave related materials such as silicone rubber and small casting equipment.

Injection Waxes

With excellent liquidity and Readability

Freeman injection wax has been the industry standard for quality and consistency for nearly 40 years. It features excellent flow, high pattern detail, and minimal shrinkage. Also, low ash content enabling the cleanest burnouts possible. All are designed for platinum, gold, and silver, copper, brass as well as industrial and dental alloys.


Carving Waxes

Any jewelry
Pattern can be made

Freeman's carving wax "Ferris File-A-Wax" has many years of experience in jewelry casting and is highly reliable. There are 6 types of classic blue, purple, green, gold, orange and turquoise to meet various needs in pattern making.



High quality
Jewelery cast

We have Investments for various metals such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, brass, and stainless steel. Also, there are Investments that can be directly cast using RP material as a pattern. R&R materials have been loved by everyone for many years as the world's top brand.


Silicone Rubbers

Make the design faithfully
and with high accuracy

Zhermack Italy is known for it's product development capabilities and strict production control and the silicone products made show outstanding performance. It has a wide range of uses such as molding making, vacuum bags, jewelry, special effects and human models. We provide the best solutions that meet your needs.


用途 製品名 硬度 WT
Tear B
Mold making
HT 33 Transparent
半透明 33 20' 3h30' 20,0 7.5000
HT 33 Rosso
33 20' 3h30' 20,0 7.5000
HT 42 Grigio
41 25' 8h 16,0 25.000
HT 45 Transparent
半透明 43 12' 2h30' 15,0 8.000
ZA 50 LT
50 18' 4h 5,5 18.000

Matt Products

Process optimization
and quality improvement

Matt products can be used to improve the modeling process and enable high quality model making. Carving waxes, tools and texts are designed with process optimization and work efficiency in mind. We propose optimal solutions that will please jewelry designers and model makers.