Matt Wax Purple

A wide variety of solid cutting waxes that are the original model of products in the wax modeling process of lost wax casting.

ApplicationWax model making
FeaturesMatt Carving Wax is a high quality wax made to the strict specifications of craftsmen.
Specially formulated to avoid contamination and air bubbles, the smooth surface allows for easy finishing and high quality models.
The purple color is versatile and has excellent carvability / melting point 107 ℃
ManufacturerFreeman Manufacturing & Supply Company
MaterialMixture of petroleum waxes
Melting temperature(℃)110107107
Hand CarvabilityFairExcellentGood
High-Speed CNCGoodFairPoor
Shape variationRing TubesBlocksSlicesTabletsBraceletsPellets
Dimensions (mm)152.4mm1LB/ 36.5 x 79.4 x 165.1mm
1/2LB/ 36.5 x 79.4 x 85.7mm
1LB/36.5 x 76.5mm
Thickness 3.2mm~25.4mm set
1/2LB/36.5 x 76.5mm
Thickness 3.2mm~13mm set
153mm x 68 mm
Thickness /4.5mm、6mm、
152 mm/Arch shape130 Pellets or 20 Pellets
Ring TubesBlocksSlicesTabletsBraceletsPellets
Please contact us for details.1Lb(454g)1Lb(454g)Please contact us for details.1Lb(454g)130 Pellets
1/2 Lb(227g)1/2 Lb(227g)20 Pellets