Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Silicon Carbide is a material that can add C and Si. It can be used for add both FCD and FC.

ApplicationThe following effect can be obtained by adding Silicon Carbide to the raw material.
◆The inoculant effect reduces the chill depth and chill variation.
◆Can be used as a Si/C inoculator.
◆Reduces the amount of oxigen during dissolution and purifies the molten metal
◆Extend the life of the refractory lining material of the crusible type induction furnace.
FeaturesWe can adjust particle size and composition of SiC.
There are lot of sales achievement of domestic casting manufacturers. And they have highly evaluated in quality and price.
We will provide products of some grade according to your request.
OtherChemical composition
98% grade.Typical example
Other grades are available, so please contact us.