Zircon based Coating

SANDPAINT is a coating which contains high heat resistance zircon to prevent sintering and penetration defects with excellent applicability and clean surface of castings.

ApplicationFoundry Industry, Coating for Iron and Steel
FeaturesIt is suitable for applying by brushing or spraying for large casting iron, steel, and heat resisting steels.
Also, it is suitable for flow coating for furan process.
- Excellent effect on sludge and penetration
- Improve casting surface
- Lowering the cost of after treatment
- Low sedimentation
- Can be applied by any methods: brushing, dipping, flow coating, etc.
ColorWhite paste
ApplicationFlow coating or brushing can be applied. It can be dilute with small amount of water if necessary. Approximate baume depends on the fineness of the sand. Dilute the product with a small amount of water and use with 85~95Be’ for brushing, 80~90Be’ for flow coating, and 80~90Be’ for spraying.

Physical properties

WATERwt%20 - 25%
ZIRCON FLOURwt%70 - 75%
BINDERwt%0.5 - 1.0%
OTHERSwt%Min 2.0%


SANDPAINT is water based coating, it should be stored carefully so that it does not decompose in summer or freeze in winter.
The product should be used in three months after the date of manufacture for the reason of sedimentaion .