Upgraded refractory casting bricks with high resistance to the penetration by molten metal.
We have an abundant track record of shipping to nearly 100 casting manufacturers, especially large self-hardening casting manufacturers, mainly in Europe. Products developed based on many years of experience are unrivaled by domestic manufacturers' products. If you are interested, please read the product comparison information.

SEEIF corporation introduction
ApplicationEliminates sand inclusion caused by mold damage in steel castings and large castings. You can prevent the runner from being damaged by using ceramic gating mateiral.
You can easily make a runner just by setting it before molding.
FeaturesSEEIF Ceramic, a.s. develope and produce ceramic gating systems (ceramic holloware), which is formed by refractory shapes with high resistance to penetration by molten metal and is intended for single use in casting systems assemblies during the metal casting. As well produce ceramic closing systems for foundry and steel ladles, standard refractory shapes, insulating materials and many other refractory products for use in steel and iron foundries.
MaterialSiO2, Al2O3

Case studies
– foundries and ironworks
– blast furnaces
– cementworks and limekilns
– chemical and coking industry
– power industry
– building industry
– ceramic and glass industry
– stove-building


RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTEMENT SEEIF Ceramic, a.s. has a research and development department that manages research and development activities in three development laboratories. The above-mentioned laboratories have modern instrumentation for research and development: sample preparation machines, laboratory furnaces, driers, mixers.
Technologies are used exclusively for research and development, outputs are used directly in production and enable increased product performance, product range extension, new product development and innovation of existing products, innovation and optimization of production processes.